Why we love the new, modern look of the skyscraper we live in

Seattle’s skyline is a visual feast.

But its not always easy to make the leap from the street to the city centre, and the Seattle Municipal Art Association is hoping the city’s design and construction teams are finally taking the leap.

“The new design is definitely taking some of the architectural flourishes out of the building,” said Sarah Smith, the group’s director of architecture and design.

The architects have been using materials like ceramic, aluminum, glass and steel to create the skyscrapers.

A number of them are now being used in the cityscape, including the Pacific Northwest Convention Center and the Pacific Science Center.

It’s a bold move to change the building to the new look, but the architects have said it’s a big part of the cityscapes story.

One of the first skyscraping structures in Seattle was the Pacific Building in the 1970s.

Smith said the group has been looking for a way to replicate that look for the new skyscrapes.

Seattle’s skyline was designed by architect Daniel Libeskind.

Its now a series of towers and a series to be built around the city.

That’s where the new tower came from.

In the end, Smith said it was just about the best part of her day, getting to work in her home office in the basement.

“It’s been an amazing experience,” she said.

“The building has been so beautiful.

She has been working with all of us, and she has had the opportunity to do it in a very creative way.”

Read more about architecture and construction:Architectural design in SeattleThe Seattle Municipal Architecture Association is a design and architectural practice.

The group says it’s committed to creating spaces that celebrate the citys history and character.

For more information, visit their website or contact Sarah Smith at [email protected]

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