Why Aron Coates is the right choice for the new York Times architecture magazine

Aron Cooper, a former New York Times columnist who has been named to the magazine’s architectural team, will write the magazine cover story for Architecture in America, a project that will launch in May.

Cooper will join a group of editors who will include former New Yorker and Times architecture critic Frank Gehry, who helped launch the magazine in the 1990s, and Times reporter John Gartner.

The magazine, which will launch its 100th issue on June 17, will feature the cover story and a list of the best projects from the past year.

A preview of the cover features co-founder of the New York Institute of Architects, Joseph Kahn, with the title “How the Design of New York Changed Architecture.”

Architecture in American, by Aron and Lila Cooper, will be available in June.

“Aron has a long history of creating beautiful architecture and the design team behind Architecture in the Americas is a fantastic one, and I am thrilled to be a part of this important partnership,” said Kahn.

“I look forward to collaborating with Aron on a magazine that will celebrate and inspire the architecture of New America.”

Coates has previously written for the magazine.

His work includes the 2012 cover story on the building at the center of the 2012 presidential race and a series of essays on the history of American architecture.

The cover story, which has been updated for Architecture In America, features an interactive map showing the history and current landscape of the U.S. architecture industry.

Architectural Digest has also published Coates’ book on the Upright Citizens Brigade and his book, New York.

Architecture in New York will be a new project that he and Coates will co-direct.

The two collaborated for the 2013 book, “A New York Architect: A Conversation with Arun Coates,” co-authored with Gartners.

Architectures in New America will be part of Architectural magazine’s new design and architecture series.

The project, called “Architectural in New New York,” will be the first issue of Architecture in a new format since the magazine launched in 2013.

Architecturally, the title reflects the fact that the magazine will have a unique focus on the development of architecture in the United States, as well as a wide-ranging series on architecture.

“Aron and I are extremely excited to bring a broad and engaging architecture cover story to our readership in Architecture in The Americas, an initiative that we are really proud of,” said GartNER.

“The new issue will showcase the breadth and diversity of architecture design and offer a rare opportunity for us to look at the many facets of design in an intimate, interactive way.”