When you are a child you’re a designer, says architect

Architectural designer and architect J. Michael Lacey once said, “The key to success is the right architect.”

But what does this say about our profession?

We are becoming a profession of architects, after all.

With all the innovation and the change, how do we make sure we continue to be relevant to our audiences?

The answer is design.

As the profession becomes more and more focused on technology and design, it is becoming more and to a lesser extent, our craft.

And design has become a profession that is growing at a faster rate than any other.

For example, in 2018, more than two-thirds of architecture students in the U.S. graduated with a bachelor’s degree in design, a number that has increased every year for the past five years.

So the trend is unmistakable.

While design has long been an art, it also became a profession.

But this is no longer a new phenomenon.

While we might not always see it on the covers of fashion magazines, we are increasingly seeing it on a daily basis.

The trend has been seen on our streets, in our offices and in our homes.

It is not just about building beautiful buildings, but also about creating the right design for our customers.

There is a new wave of designers who are taking on the challenge of designing in a way that meets their clients needs.

This means that architecture is being transformed from a profession to a career.

So how can we continue our growth?

How do we build upon the foundations of our profession and help ensure that we continue evolving and that we are always evolving to meet the needs of our clients?

A New Profession The most important aspect of a profession is its vision.

And in today’s world, where our technology and the tools we use to make sure our customers have what they want are evolving, there is a huge demand for a certain type of design that is based on what we know and what we do.

Designers are looking for a new way to design, one that addresses the needs and desires of their clients.

A good example is the “smart home.”

This has become one of the most anticipated trends in our industry.

In 2017, home improvement stores were seeing an explosion in the number of new homes that they were opening.

Home improvement stores are becoming the number one way homeowners access their homes and get their home inspected and serviced.

In 2018, the number two most visited website for homeowners was Home Improvement Centers.

Home Improvement centers are a way for homeowners to take control of their home, which has become an increasingly important aspect for many.

Today, more homeowners are able to choose to have their homes inspected by a professional service company, such as an inspector who has a certificate in their name.

This can also help homeowners stay connected with their local building inspector, who is able to provide advice on the home.

In addition to being more accessible and less costly, this is also more cost-effective, because homeowners can get their homes cleaned up and inspected by an independent service company.

The home improvement industry is experiencing a huge growth in the last five years, but in order to succeed, it must continue to evolve and grow.

In order to do that, we need to continue to grow our professional design teams.

Our profession is changing rapidly.

The next wave of design professionals is also coming to us from the architectural field.

A recent study conducted by the Architectural Press found that nearly half of architects surveyed wanted to be a designer.

Design is an exciting profession, and the opportunity to make a name for yourself is an excellent career choice.

But it is also one that has the potential to be quite difficult and stressful.

This is because there is no set path for how you can become a designer or architect.

The field of architecture is not necessarily about becoming a master builder.

In fact, most architects will never be able to become a master architect.

But with this growing number of architects choosing to become designers, we can expect more and better jobs and more and even more design opportunities.

This change is also creating new opportunities for architecture students.

As students become more and all of their courses are designed by professionals, they will be in a better position to meet their clients and grow their career.

And this could be a great opportunity for students to build their career in architecture.

While many architects are already in the profession, this new generation of architects has created an even bigger opportunity for the profession.

How Can We Build On The Foundations of Our Profession?

While there are many reasons why architecture is a profession, the most important part of it is that it is a craft.

We want our profession to be as diverse and vibrant as possible.

And the future of architecture depends on the continuing growth of design and the growing interest in designing for a better world.

The profession needs to continue innovating and growing as a profession in order for it to remain relevant to the needs our customers are seeking.

This also means that we need more and larger design teams in order that we can continue to create designs that are