When the Swallow came and ate my coatings

A British architectural coating company is offering a free “caveman” coatings to those who wear them for their wedding day.

The company, Brisbane Architecture & Coatings (BAC), says the “baked coating” will be offered at some of the city’s premier venues including the Adelaide Opera House, the Opera House South and the Opera City.

“We are offering a FREE coatings kit to anyone who wants to have a coat that they can wear on their wedding Day,” a spokesperson said.

“Our coatings are made from our unique, unique ingredients and we offer them to anyone from anywhere in Australia who wants them.”

BAC has created a unique recipe of coatings using ingredients such as the organic cotton from which the coating is made and the natural oils found in wild animals, and is also using a range of other materials including wood, leather, plastic and ceramic.

“We use natural organic materials, which are sourced from the forests of Queensland and New South Wales, so there is no chemicals or pesticides in the coatings,” the spokesperson said, adding that the coaters are also “made with natural ingredients such to help retain the natural texture of the coat.

If you are looking for a unique and affordable coat, BAC has got you covered.”

For a free kit, go here.