What’s the deal with the coatings in Adelaide’s old railway stations?

Advertiser.com.au has learned that the coaters on the Victorian-era railway stations in Adelaide are being replaced by aluminium.

The city’s public works department has confirmed to The Advertiscer that the city’s railways will be “completely” replaced with aluminium.

A spokesman for the department said the decision to replace the coat-ings had been made at a meeting on Tuesday.

“The decision was made at the meeting and it is understood that the decision has been taken at this meeting,” the spokesman said.

“In terms of the type of coatings they are replacing, they are the same as the ones we have in place.”

The spokesman said the new coatings were the same colour and have the same texture.

“They will be replaced by the aluminium that is being used in those stations.”

He said the city would continue to install the coat of aluminium in the stations.

“We are doing that in the hope that they will remain in place in the long term.”

The new coat-ing process is being carried out at the Adelaide Metro Rail station.

The spokesperson said the coat was being manufactured by a company in Sydney, which would not be used in Adelaide.

“That’s why we are having the meeting, to find out whether that’s the case or not, whether they are in Adelaide or not,” he said.