What is the Durex Architectural Coatings Co., Ltd.?

The name DureX comes from the initials of its founder, Mark Durey.

The firm specializes in coatings that can be used on metal or ceramic surfaces and is one of the largest suppliers of coatings for the U.S. government.

Dureys coatings are designed to be durable, corrosion resistant and flexible, and can be applied to almost any surface in the world.

The company also makes custom coatings to suit a wide range of products.

The main coatings company, Dureix, is owned by a subsidiary of Dureo, a large Italian company that makes a range of commercial products including coatings.

D.D.D., or Dureex Durei, is also a division of the Italian industrial conglomerate, Generali.

The DureEx company is based in Rome, Italy, and its website lists DureEX as a subsidiary, along with Dureia and Durexa, which are Italian versions of D. D.’s names.

The name has become part of the branding of the company, and in the past, D. is used to identify products by brand.

DureX’s website also says that its coatings were created in the U to be used in aerospace, military and military-related applications, but the company does not have any specific plans to use them on vehicles.

According to DureXP, DUREX is the most common coatings used in automotive and industrial applications worldwide.

It also has its own website, DuroX, which says its coations are environmentally friendly and safe for the environment.

DuroXP says it is “not aware of any environmental concerns” with the coatings and says that they are “the safest, most effective and best-performing coatings on the market today.”

The company has not responded to a request for comment.

In response to the D.R.E.D.’s concerns about the Durox coatings being used in military applications, the company issued a statement saying that “DuroX is not a military-based product and it is not associated with the U-2 Program.”

The statement continued: “Durex coatages are only used on automotive surfaces and not on any other surface in use by any U. S. government agency.

It is our hope that our future coatings will be used by other agencies to protect the environment, improve the quality of life and enhance the safety of U. s. citizens and visitors.

DUREEX coatings have proven their durability and durability is recognized throughout the automotive industry.

In fact, they have earned a reputation as being the safest, best-performing, and most environmentally friendly coating on the planet.”