Powder coating on Adelaide’s Caulfield Hotel could be a new face for the city

Caulfields Hotel is an iconic building in Adelaide.

A key part of its history, it is also a part of the city’s future.

On Monday, the city is expected to unveil plans for the construction of a powder coating on the building to add a shiny new facade to the property.

The coating will be installed at a cost of $150,000.

This comes as part of an ongoing process of “maintaining a vibrant cultural landscape” in the city.

“The powder coating is designed to provide an extra layer of durability and a reflective surface for the facade to reflect light,” said the city of Adelaide.

“The coatings will be applied on the outside of the building which will provide a visual cue for visitors and visitors to the area to know when they are in the area and where the coatings are on the exterior.”

“It’s a really significant investment,” said Louise McPhail, director of the City of Adelaide’s Historic Preservation Office.

She said the project would not only allow for the building’s “future use and redevelopment”, but also “benefit the wider community”.

“The coating has the potential to enhance the quality of the exterior of the structure, so that visitors can walk in and out of the hotel,” she said.

Caulfields is the third building in the Adelaide area to receive the coating.

The first, at the corner of the Caulfords Rd and Broughton Rd, was installed in 2017 and was completed in 2020.

The second was installed last year and completed in 2019.

The City of South Australia says the coating will create a “thick” coating that will “add value to the building, enhance the design and make it more welcoming to the community”.

“We are confident this coating will enhance the overall appearance of the property and provide an added level of protection to the exterior,” the city said.

“We expect it to be applied by late 2019 and completed by mid-2020.”

The city says the coat will add about $1.5 million to the cost of the project.

A number of people have expressed interest in using the coating, including the Adelaide Chamber of Commerce and the Adelaide Architecture Fund.

For more information, you can contact Louise McPherson, the City’s Historic Properties Officer.