An architectural coat coating that coats buildings and surfaces in order to help keep them looking their best is coming to the city.NICHOLS COATES is making the coating in-house and will be distributed through a series of limited run coats in South Australia.NICK HALLERMANN, CEO of NICHELAS COATS, said the coating would allow the coating to stay on surfaces longer, which would help the building to last longer.

“It’s about making sure the coatings we’re applying to the building can last for a very long time, because we want the coat to last as long as possible,” Mr Hallerman said.

“The coatings that we’re doing in the city will last for many, many years, so it’s a great way to give people the benefit of the coat.”

The coating is being developed by Australian architectural coat maker Nicholas Coates, who has been developing coatings since 2004.

“I’m really excited about it because it’s an architectural coat,” Mr Coates said.

He said the coat coating would be a “bridge” to help prevent structural damage when it comes to fires and other emergencies.

“There’s no doubt about it, it will help protect our structures and our buildings from the elements,” he said.NICE HARDWARE FOR A WINNERS’ ROOMNIGHT?

A WINNER’s room in the house of a WINNER is a perfect place to host the big game of the night, said Mr Hallnerman.

“They are probably the nicest people you’ll meet in your life, but they also have a bit of a sense of humour, so they’re a little bit of all-round kind of people,” he explained.

“But it’s the type of people who will just love you and they’ll just make you feel loved, so you’re always on the look out for them.”NICHELIS COATES COATING IS THE LATEST ON THE MENU: