New coatings coat the house

The coatings used on a house in California are designed to make it look like it is built on stone.

The coatings, which are designed by architect Marc Jacobs, come in two styles.

The first is a ‘natural’ coat that looks like a wooded landscape, while the second is a more decorative coat that is made of ceramic and acrylic.

“The natural coat has a smooth finish and is very durable,” said Marc Jacobs.

“The ceramic coat is very reflective and gives it a beautiful sheen.

It is also very durable, and the acrylic coat is an incredible finish, very durable and very soft.”

The house, in Pasadena, California, is built using a two-sided roof that has been treated with polyurethane coatings.

“We want to build something that looks natural and natural feels, but also looks contemporary,” Jacobs told The New York Times.

“If you look at the roof you can see that the surface is painted a deep red.

That gives it that very ‘organic’ feel.”

The interior design is also inspired by the natural environment.

“There are two walls of this house that are in natural light and there are windows in the windows,” Jacobs said.

“This house is not just a modern building.

It’s also a modern house, it’s a modern family, and it has a great modern interior.”

The coat-hanger, which has been designed by Jacobs, is part of the ‘Architectural Coat Hook’ project which has attracted over 1,200 coats from around the world.

Jacobs has also designed the coat-buckle, which can be used to protect a roof from the elements, as well as the ‘Rear Window Cover’.

“When you have natural light, you have the ability to create a kind of natural-looking effect,” Jacobs explained.

“You can create a natural look in your interior design.”

The architect has previously designed the ‘Vacuum Sealer’, a coat that uses recycled glass as a coating, which is now being used to repair and replace the roofing at the home in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Jacobs told the New York Post that he hopes that the project will inspire other architects to build coat-based homes in future.

“We’re working on a lot of coats,” Jacobs added.

“It’s very exciting to be a part of that.”

Marc Jacobs’ ‘Archistural Coat-Hanger’ project is on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MoMA) in New York.

Jacobs has previously built coat-free buildings, including one in New Orleans, Louisiana, and a new one in the Netherlands, which features a fully organic roof.