How to spot a trojan in your coatings

A new Trojan architectural coating can help keep your water pump and sprinkler system safe and sound, but some experts are worried it’s not a long-term solution.

In a new study, researchers from the University of Maryland and Duke University found that when water from the taps is laced with the type of cobalt-60 coating used in the coatings, it’s likely to contaminate the water.

“We found that it was a little bit more complicated to detect the cobalt, as well as the cobblestone, than it was to detect copper,” study co-author Dr. Michael J. Hulsey, a professor of materials science and engineering, said in a news release.

Hulsey and his team wanted to learn more about cobalt coatings because cobalt has been shown to help prevent corrosion in water pipes, which can be especially important when you have to replace your water heater.

The study found that cobalt is the most prevalent coating on water pipes.

“It’s not something you would use to replace copper or steel pipes,” Hulson said.

“So, if you have copper pipes, you’re going to have a coating, as do the pipes in your basement or basement garden,” he said.

Hudson and his colleagues found that while water from a tap was laced with cobalt at about 0.1 percent, it was actually less likely to be contaminated with cobblestones than water from an indoor pump.

Hodgins told ABC News he didn’t know why cobalt was so much less common on tap water, but said the coating could be beneficial if it can be used to keep water from contaminating your tap water.

He also said it’s unlikely the coating will be harmful to water pipes in homes, since the coating has already been used to prevent corrosion.

The researchers also found that copper coatings were more likely to have cobblestones than other coatings.

“Copper is pretty common, so I think that’s probably an important piece of information for us to take a look at,” Hodgins said.

Cobalt coations are more expensive than other types of coatings and are often used for decorative purposes, like decorative water filtration systems or as a coating for coatings for your home’s exterior walls.

Holsey said he expects cobalt coating on pipes in the future will be a better option because it’s more readily available and can be more easily applied.

Hoskins also said the coatons may have a few drawbacks.

“I’m not sure if cobalt and copper are going to be compatible, and if cobbleness is going to occur,” he told ABC.

“You can see the cobbling, but the copper coating is not going to do it.”

The study was published in the journal ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces.