How to paint your house to look like a castle

The exterior of your house can be painted to look more like a medieval castle, an urban legend or a futuristic cityscape.

Here are some tips to help you decide what look best.


Make sure the house is a little older than you think.

A lot of the older homes we have seen look great.

But you can also go older and have some great results.

For example, consider a house built in the late 1970s or 1980s.

The exterior might look old and rough but you can make it look like you’re in a castle or an ancient cityscape, according to experts.


Find the right color.

The interior can be a little tricky.

Some houses will have a gray or orange color, which is ideal for a castle.

But if you’re looking for a more muted or less flashy color, try a more natural-looking gray or blue.


Paint the walls, ceiling and doors.

The walls of your home should be dark, but it’s important that the interior be as well.

Make the ceiling and floor a darker shade of gray, a light brown, or a light blue.

And if you want a house to have a more medieval feel, look for a darker color that’s less dramatic.


Make your ceilings look more white.

White floors can add to the grandeur of a castle, so consider a white floor to accentuate a castle’s exterior.


Paint your ceilings to look as though they’re covered in gold.

Gold is a cool color and adds to the appearance of the castle.


Paint more brightly.

It can also add to a house’s appearance if it has more color.

For an urban fantasy look, consider adding a few more details, such as gold, silver or copper accents, according a study by the National Academy of Sciences.


Create a “vast” garden.

Many of us love our gardens and want to see our gardens appear larger, but the more you add to your garden, the more the house looks more like an urban landscape.

To create this look, try adding more plants to your yard, like red roses or blueberry bushes.


Use your windows.

Window covers can add a sense of grandeur to a castle interior, but some homeowners prefer to keep their windows black.

Try an opaque, nonreflective glass or a window cover that is made of an opaque material such as a laminate or aluminum, according Toe.

The latter type of window cover will also make it easier to see the exterior of the house.


Add a garden centerpiece.

Ornamental plants are often overlooked in architecture, so try adding a little color to your house or adding a garden or flower garden centerpiece to your exterior.

For more modern-style designs, add a small stone or glass ornament, such a a a rock or a cherry, according experts.


Add an open fireplace.

The outdoors can be the place where a castle could flourish.

Many people choose to build a fireplace inside their house, which can be more beautiful and more functional than a fireplace built in a shed.

However, many people also prefer to build their fireplace on a deck, such an oak deck, according The Washington Post.


Add details to your outside.

Adding detail to your home can add style to the exterior, according the National Museum of American History.

For a classic style, try painting a castle on a brick wall or adding the silhouette of a bird or a dragon to your walls, according NMAH.