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Coates Architecture Architecture’s project for the upcoming Paris Fashion Week is an attempt to bring the beauty of the city to an empty building and make it into a new home for the city’s homeless.

The company says it is hoping the design will spark conversations about gentrification and how the city is changing.

Coates is partnering with a group of designers, including the French designer Nadeau de Mier, to create a new house for the homeless in the basement of a building at the intersection of Rue Saint-Martin and Rue de la Fondation.

The house will be a living space, with an art-deco motif that is meant to remind the homeless of their heritage.

It will include a large glass wall, a window and a staircase that will lead to a rooftop terrace overlooking the city.

The project will take about three months to complete, and it will take up to six months to raise funds for the project.

The first phase will see the home transformed into a workshop for artists and a hostel for those living on the street.

“The house is meant as a refuge for the street people, it’s meant to be a home where they can get away from it all and become part of the fabric of the space,” said Nadeaux.

The second phase will involve a large kitchen, a living room, a dining room, and an open-plan living room.

The third phase will include bedrooms and an indoor terrace for guests to take a break.

“We’re trying to create this sort of space that gives the homeless a space to have a moment,” said Coates architect Emmanuel Coates.

“It will give them a place to sit and have a meal and be able to be themselves.”

Coates says the idea of a home for people living on streets originated during a project he worked on in Paris, and he hopes the project will spark a conversation about gentrifying the city in general.

“I think this project is part of a broader idea of how we can help create a more livable city,” he said.

“For a lot of people, their first reaction is to want to live in a tent or a tent city, but in this project we’re trying really hard to make a more sustainable home.”